Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I had a little moment of realisation last week, when following a series of links brought an unexpected answer to something I'd be wondering about.

While boating down the river Irwell back in May I snapped this piece of graffiti under Prince's Bridge. You can only see it properly at river level, with the bridge blocking it fully from view above. Water damage had eaten away at the text over time and I wondered what was it's original message and who was responsible for it's painting.

Canal Boating

Fast forward to a few days ago and, while watching a Do Lecture given by Bill Drummond, I decided I'd have a look at his current project - The17. Halfway down the news page, I find a photograph of then freshly painted piece above, spelling out in bright white capital letters IMAGINE WAKING TOMORROW AND ALL MUSIC HAS DISAPPEARED. It's one of a series of 40 he has being doing around the globe, painted during his visit to Unconvention 12 in October 2010.

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