Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Manchester Bees

The Manchester Bees is a little tumblr project I started a little while ago, with the aim of documenting all the bee symbols that can be found in and around Manchester. I'm sure everyone has noticed the bees that adorn the bollards and bins of the city centre, but as the bee has been a symbol of Manchester ever since the industrial revolution, I thought it might be interesting to see just how much it has been integrated into the city.

Initially it looked as though there wouldn't be that many to find but, after a fair amount of wandering the city centre looking upwards (something that might well lead to another tumblr project in the near future), I've actually come across quite a number and there's still a couple of places I haven't made it to yet (the Town Hall being the prime candidate).

If you have any photographs that could be added to the collection they can be submitted here. I'm especially interested in photos from the Manchester Day Parades - the street sweepers at the tail-end this year looked fantastic in their bee-regalia.

You can find the tumblr page here and there's also a googlemap if you'd like to see their locations. And yes, I will be re-photographing the Portico Library bees when I get a chance.

Crest Bees
Graffiti Bee Whitworth Street Bee Crest Bees

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