Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 Update

Since bringing this blog to its original close, I thought it would be a good idea to post an update on my current projects for 2017 as, over the past year, I've setup two new websites dedicated to two very different projects. Also, most of the ventures in the last update below have long since fallen by the wayside.

Manchester Bees - The only website (as far as I'm aware) specifically dedicated to celebrating one of Manchester’s most enduring icons - the Manchester Bee - through looking at its history and its presence as a symbol around the city centre and beyond.

Gareth Hacking Photography - A new portfolio website, which is also the home of my new blog, which can be found here.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Where to find me online

So we're almost into April of the year 2013 and I haven't posted any updates here so far. Hmm... I probably should do something about that. In the meantime, here's a run down of where you can currently find me online...

Cardboard Kid who also has his very own Twitter and Facebook pages.

365 Day Projects
Northern Quarter Street Art - Rolling along.

Today Cardboard Kid - Singing a song.

Regularly Updated
Oxford Road Street Art - updated every weekday for the time being, but I suspect it won't be long before I run out of photographs, which is when it'll switch over to postings on an ad-hoc basis.

The Manchester Bees - it turns out that there are still many bees to hunt down around Manchester. Also, Natalie Shrieking Violet Bradbury wrote a lovely article for Creative Tourist on the history of the bee which included a link over to the tumblr page. Thank you guys!

42 Manchester - Spun off from the Street Art MCR blog below, I'm currently aiming to find Forty Two 42's around the city. I think I'll have found the target number by the summer.

Rarely Updated
Street Art MCR - I'd planned on running a weekly update here but haven't had the time to get the posts rolling out. Oh well.

Cardboard Kid Sticker Collection - One new entry so far this year. If you 'd like to help, you can request a few stickers here.

There's also the no longer updated Cardboard Covers and Quebec Street Art (which I might resurrect in the future, if tumblr hasn't shut down by then). And under the heading of coming soon(ish), there is Colour of Light, Monuments of Manchester, and Manchester's Cobblestones.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

End of Year Update / Roundup

Well I hadn't planned on it being quite so long between blog posts. Not that I haven't been busy online, just that I rather fallen out of the habit of posting here. I'll have to do something about that in the new year. In the meantime, here are a few updates on some things I've been involved in of late

Creative Tourist
I'm now a  photographic contributor to Creative Tourist with this article on The Portico Prize being the first to feature my photographs. There'll be a couple more along in a short while as well, now the new website is up and running.

A Wonderous Place
Some of my other photographs of the Portico also appeared on one of Sarah-Clare Conlon's contributions to the rather magnificent A Wonderous Place blog.You can find them here.
Hour Manchester
I have two photographs included in the Hour Manchester book project, which is aiming to raise £10,000 for the Prince's Trust. The book cost £15 and, if you'd like to purchase a copy, you can find it for sale in a number of Manchester outlets or alternatively, you can make a donation via their just giving page.

Oxford Road Street Art and Northern Quarter Street Art
Both of these have been chugging along quite happily all year, so much so that Northern Quarter Street Art will be shifting up a gear beginning January 1st and moving to daily posting, which should prove interesting.

Street Art MCR
I've finally got around to overhauling and setting this blog on a new course, with the aim of presenting more in-depth articles about artists and locations of street art around Manchester. There should be a new blog every Sunday until I run out of things to post. Also, spinning off from one of the early entries is a new blog entitled...

42 Manchester
A simple little blog designed to track the number 42 graffiti that's popped up all over Manchester of late. I've no idea how long this will last but hopefully there'll be a few submissions along the way.

Finally, have a look at on Sunday for an extra announcement about him as well. : )

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heaton Sparks

What a beautiful evening Heaton Sparks turned out to be! Organised by Walk The Plank for the National Trust and taking place in Heaton Park, there were fire dancers, fireworks and fireballs galore.

The event was split into two halves - the first a walk around a fire garden, with plants and trees crafted from metal burning away and occasional explosions of flame - much to the delight/consternation of the many of the younger visitors. The second was a short performance outside Heaton Hall itself featuring the dancers twirling and spinning with fireworks as more fireworks filled the sky. All beautifully done and rather spectacular. More of this sort of thing please.

Heaton Sparks

Heaton Sparks

Heaton Sparks

Heaton Sparks

Heaton Sparks

Heaton Sparks

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


In it's second year now and apparently the second biggest TEDx event in the UK, TEDxSalford was a fascinating day listening to big ideas, inspirational tales and the occasional bits of messing around. The videos should be up on their site here sometime soon and more of my photographs from the day can be found here.

Julie Meyer

Salil Shetty

Ken Shamrock

Paul Zenon

Jim Al-Khalili

Friday, 26 October 2012

KEMS Concert Band October Concert

KEMS are back for another season of concerts. Here's the Concert Band performing a selection of pieces, including the Godfather theme, at Macclesfield Methodist Church. More photographs from the concert can be found here.

KEMS Band Concert

KEMS Band Concert

KEMS Band Concert

KEMS Band Concert

Monday, 22 October 2012

More New Broadcasting House Demolition Photographs

After a few weeks work, there's definitely a lot less of New Broadcasting House still standing.  Hopefully, I'll have some spare time to get a few more shots before it's gone completely.

BBC Demolition

BBC Demolition

BBC Demolition

BBC Demolition

BBC Demolition

BBC Demolition

BBC Demolition
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