Saturday, 4 April 2009

Redoing Super Furry Animals Album Covers in MS Paint

I first heard about this project via an article on the (defunct) Hive Magazine website. It was a while though before I checked out the group page on facebook and slightly longer before I tried my hand. Here's my first attempt (I can't find the original file at the moment - I'll add it here once I do), an impressionistic version of Blur fourth album cover.

It was after this that my perfectionist streaked kicked in hard and the idea struck me that I should have a go at depicting all of the Super Furry Animals album's in this fashion as it was unlikely that anyone else would have a go at them and I fancied the challenge.

I started with Rings Around The World, as it was the nearest to hand and I figured that while it's a complicated looking cover, it's mostly made up of lines and circles. I was doing well, until i got stuck on how to do the outer frame and decided to have make a start on another one.

Super Furry Animals - Rings Around The World (MS Paint version)

I realise that the Ice Hockey Hair EP isn't an album, but I wanted something fairly minimal to practice on. While the face turned out to be simpler than expected, I found myself spending forever on the lettering, working block by miniscule block. I got it done though and then moved back to the Rings cover to finish it off.

Super Furry Animals - Ice Hockey Hair EP (MS Paint version)

I'm pleased with the results though I found that saving the files in .jpeg format caused the images to develop all sorts of noise and the colours started fading into each other. I'm working on two more (Radiator and Fuzzy Logic) at a smaller scale and saving these as bitmaps, which seems to have solved the problem. Once these are done, I'll move onto the others (once I've found my copy of Guerilla) though I'm dreading Hey Venus! and Dark Days/ Light Years with their artwork by Keiichi Tanaami.

If you fancy having a go, you can find the project on Facebook and on they have their own website.

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