Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Art in Architecture Walk with The Skyliner

Part of the same Love Architecture Festival as JumperCity, the Art in Architecture Walk was an event organised by The Skyliner to explore the hidden and unnoticed art of Manchester city centre.

Asked to mysteriously bring along headphones, the walk started outside Fopp on Brown Street, taking us on a wander around a number of city sites. First up was the Spring Gardens Post Office to see the fibre-glass murals that are display above the main counters, something that, even after countless visits to this building, I had never noticed before.

Other stopping points included the Mercure Hotel to see the large-scale William Mitchell mural which spans the staircase for four floors of the building. It's a beautiful piece of work, made from the debris of pianos, furniture and bottle tops all laid out in symbolic patterns and set in resin.

Another was St Augustines at Manchester Metropolitan University to see the huge Bob Brumby sculpture that dominates the wall behind the alter. It's another artwork created from debris, this time mostly from old roof tiles.
The tour ended under Mancunian Way by a seemingly ordinary concrete wall. It was here the headphones came in handy as it turned out that a small music device had been intergrated into the wall. Another part of the Love Architecture Fesitval, this was a collaborative work by Lonelady and Manchester Modernist Society with a specially commissioned song playing on a constant loop for the life of the battery. You can find more information on the installation here and here.

Thank to Hayley for fascinating tour and I highly recommend that you go along yourself. The walk will be taking place again this Saturday, so if you'd like to go along, you can find the booking information here.

William Mitchell Mural - Mercure Hotel

China Town Junk

Palace Hotel

St Augustines

Art in Architecture Walk

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