Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Exhibition: Backstage at the MEN Arena

Last week, I attended an photography exhibition launch backstage at the MEN Arena. Organised as part of I Love Manchester campaign, the photographs were chosen through a competition that took place last year. I sent along one of mine of taken at last year's Wy Lyf Manchester International Festival gig and was pleased when I found out it was one of the selected entries.

Upon entering the area, I was surprised at how spartan the rooms were. I was told later that this was so it would be easier to dress them up to meet the requirements of the variety of artists that perform at the arena. The selected photographs were dotted throughout the rooms and corridors - I found my photo in the main dressing-room, hanging just inside the doorway. There were some excellent photography on show and I was told there wasn't a planned end date for the exhibition, so they could be on display for a good long while.

There's more information on the exhibition on the MEN Arena website. There was also an article in last week's Manchester Evening News which I've scanned and placed below. And, if you're interested, here's the original photograph:

Wy Lyf

And here it is printed up and hanging on the wall:

Backstage at the MEN Arena

And here's me smiling like a loon next to it.

Backstage at the MEN Arena 

Finally, here's the M.E.N. article:

MEN Article

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