Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Tumblrs for 2012 - NQStreetArt, Carboard Covers and QuebecStreetArt

So it's almost a complete month into 2012 and having spend the first two weeks of the year in Canada, I haven't had time to post a single thing on this blog. There'll be a lot of updates featuring my photographs from the trip over the next few weeks but I have also been busy elsewhere online of late. In addition to the OxfordRoadStreetArt tumblr, I've working on a number of new tumblr pages the first of which is NQStreetArt, a sister-site to OxfordRoad documenting the street art of the Northern Quarter. It's growing fast and will be moving up to three-times-a-week posting as of February.

Also starting in February will be QuebecStreetArt, a collection of the street art I photographed in Sherbrooke and Montreal while on my Canada trip with a new update every Saturday. All three tumblrs' are also linked to StreetArtMCR twitter, so between them there'll be new post everyday Monday to Saturday.

Finally there's Cardboard Covers, a new Cardboard Kid side-project in which the kid will the star of a selection of different album covers, updating every Wednesday throughout 2012. Hopefully. There's some more info on the project here.



Cardboard Covers

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