Monday, 7 November 2011

Dark Matters - Shadow, Technology, Art

An extensive look at the combining shadow, technology and art, Dark Matters at the Whitworth Art Gallery opens with the spectacular Snow Mirror, a fuzzy snowy backdrop which resolves itself into the ghost-like projections of the viewer before slowly dissipating as soon as you move.
Continuing onwards you find Peg Mirror from the same artist, Daniel Rozin, in which 650 wooden tiles twirl around to form a silhouette mirror of the viewer, their small motors whirring away quietly, sounding just like a swarm of bees. Both pieces reminded me a great deal of the work of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer in their involvement of viewer in the artwork

Other excellent pieces include R. Luke DuBois’ video installation Kiss, Barnaby Hosking’s Black Flood & Thoughs (Butterflies) 1 and Moonlight off the Needles by unknown.
The work selected from the gallery’s own collection to accompany this exhibition is also of a high standard. I especially liked Anthony Gormley’s print Untitled (asshole), with black lines streaming the page from it’s central point.
Also to be found in the Mezzanine Court is Brass Art’s otherworldly Still Life No.1, in which a number of small figurines have been placed on a circular table in a dark room, covered in cellophane and are illuminated by a constantly moving light causing shadowy characters to drift along the gallery walls.
The exhibition runs until January 15th 2012. Go and see it.

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