Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Aeroseum, Gothenburg

Located around 15 minutes drive from Gothenburg (it takes a while longer to get there by bus - the 34 stops there once an hour), the Aeroseum is a rather special place. You disembark at a crossroads with the only visible landmark being this:


A ten minute walk brings you to the ticket office and then, following the road around a corner, you find this entraceway.

Main Entrance

And it's down into the tunnel you go:


Just around the corner you find a door, which stepping through bring you to...

Steel Door Entrance

... a tunnel full of aircraft leading downwards into the earth! The Aerseum is housed  in a declassified Swedish Air Force underground bunker, carved from solid rock 30 metres below ground and built during the Cold War.


Along the way down you will find background information of the reasons behind the bunkers construction, including plenty of photographs detailing its construction.

Model Planes

The information pages are a might excitable though.

The SALT Agreement

Here's a few more of vehicles along the entry tunnel.

First Aid Trucker
It's through the next metal door that you find the bunker itself. It's a huge complex, filled with planes, helicopters, and all sorts of other equipment from across the history of aviation.


There's also a couple of full-size simulators to have a little fly around in.

Flight Simulator

You can even sit in a number of cockpits (as some bloke is demonstrating below) and even climb through the vents of one plane, though it is a bit of a tight squeeze.


All in all, I highly recomend you visit the place if you're ever visiting Gothenburg.


Hayley Flynn said...

This reminds me of the nazi hospital in Jersey that's underground. If you haven't been it's well worth a visit! There's also a little place in Scotland (near Kinross) that's war related and underground that isn't quite worth the visit too, but nonetheless it's underground! :)

Gareth Hacking said...

They both sound interesting.

There's also Hack Green in Cheshire which I only just heard about today and I had hoped to visit the Diefenbunker outside Ottawa back in January but alas, it wasn't to be.

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