Thursday, 13 October 2011

Rogue Open Studios 2011

Rogue Artist Studios held it's annual open studios event over the past weekend. It's a huge place - 3 floors filled to the brim with artist spaces - and I ended up visiting twice just to be able to see everything.

My favourites included a preview of Owl Project's next umm... project FLOW. A floating self powered structure which will be launched on the river Tyne next year, it will feature a variety of "instruments circulating and processing water from the river, analyzing it, and transforming it into energy and sound". It was a fascinating glimpse at the large-scale work-in-progress wooden machinery. Big toys for big boys and all that.

Owl Project

Other work I enjoyed included Annie Harrison's cloth installation and Manchester Time piece, Hilary Jack's transformation of the everyday into fantastical displays, Liz West's colourful creations, Ahmed and Carpenter's linked work and Olivia Glasser's marvelous Table Piece 2.

Annie Harrison - Untitled

And then there was Sagar and Campbell's space which featured Li Lu and her cello. They are currently working with other artists on a new combined arts project with Li Lu to develp a touring live art sculpture featuring In Love With Bach. The folks involved are very excited about the project and for lots of other individuals and arts organisations to collaborate with them. If you're interested, please get in touch.

Li Lu with Cello

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