Saturday, 3 September 2011

Save the Forest!

I spent a fair bit of my time in Edinburgh hanging out at the Forest Cafe, a volunteer run free multi-arts venue that's been running for eight years in the city centre. Housed in a former church at 3 Bristo Place and filled with spaces for all manner of artistic activities, it's a fantastic place and I would suggest you go and visit yourself.

Except you can't.

As of August 28th the Forest is now closed. Unfortunately, the previous owners of the building went bust, and it's administrators terminated the Forest's lease with plans to sell off the space.

But the Forest have a plan.

And you can help.

The Forest folk want to buy the building and open their doors once again. Their aim is to raise £100000 to make this happen. So please go and sign up to We Fund Campaign. And for more information on other ways you can help, please visit the Save The Forest web page.

Tin Can Telefon

Human Pyramid

Forest Cafe

Forest Cafe

Forest Cafe

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