Wednesday, 17 August 2011


One of the interest things of note is prevelance of Storks, either sitting atop buildings or depicted as sculptures. According to wikipedia:

"Storks have little fear of humans if not disturbed, and often nest on buildings in Europe. In Germany, the presence of a nest on a house was believed to protect against fires. They were also protected because of the belief that their souls were human.German and Dutch households would encourage storks to nest on houses, sometimes by constructing purpose-built high platforms, to bring good luck."

"The stork is a main feature of Alsace and was the subject of many legends told to children. The bird practically disappeared around 1970, but re-population efforts are continuing. They are mostly found on roofs of houses, churches and other public buildings in Alsace."

Though I'm not sure dangling a plastic baby from around their neck is a good idea.


Metal Stork

Stork with plastic baby

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