Friday, 6 May 2011

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle

Located on a side street on Buda's Castle Hill is probably one of the most unusual tourist attractions I've ever visited. Open 24 hours a day, The Labyrinth runs through the tunnel ways and caves that are part of the natural formation of the hill.
The first half comprises of a look of sorts at labyrinths through history - Prehistoric cave painting are barely illuminated in the dim light are followed by strange statues as you walk along the Path of the Magic Deer and The Labyrinth of Love. It’s also around here that you find a fountain of wine, though it is recommended that you don’t take a sip.

It's during the second half of the labyrinth that things get really strange. The Labyrinth of the End of History features an imaginary excavation of modern day fossils, complete with straight-faced “explanations” of their discovery and history. Next to this is the European Pantheon, with an assortment of found items from across Europe displayed in Perspex and given titles such as Apollo of Kalamata and Jupiter of Kiev. It reminded of the second half of the Tunnel Tour under the Kiek in de Kok - the displaying of everyday modern items as of another time.

I recommend a visit if you're visiting Budapest, though it does feel more like the work of practical jokers than an actually tourist site - that would explain this display as you are on head out of the final section:
Underground Toilet

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