Sunday, 5 September 2010

Tori Moore

I've known Tori Moore about a year now and absolutely love her fantastical dream-like landscapes that dazzle the eye. So I'd like to present her artwork to you here, interceded with her own words on their creation. You'll thank me later.

Tori's Artwork 025

Coincidence of perception and perceived recollection is in the foreground of my work. Encapsulated by the freedom of oils and their radiance I try to reflect a desire to create an unrealistically beautiful landscape, one the viewer associates with by recollection and nostalgic tendencies.

Tori's Artwork 015

By exploring the roles of colour, outline and form I try to only suggest concepts of the viewer’s periphery without any intention, imprisoning those fleeting moments that are only visualized through recollection and memory.

Tori's Artwork 035

Reminiscent of a sculptural form the paintings rely upon their internal relationships between colour, mark, line and contour in order to offer a perception that has vague familiarity to the viewer. Interpretation is at fault but it is the only way the paintings can work, offering an alternative landscape in the viewer’s periphery.

Tori's Artwork 046

You can find more of Tori's lovely artwork via her very own facebook page. Go take a look!

1 comment:

Joanna Wilkie said...

Beautiful photos of amazing artwork. I feel privileged to have one of Tori's artworks hanging on my wall. Truly an inspirational artist. Jo

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