Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New exhibiton: Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen Poster

I have a new exhibition taking place at Soup Kitchen in Manchester's Northern Quarter and they're holding a special preview night on Friday, September 11th from 6 til 8pm.

This will probably be my last exhibition of the year, so all are welcome to come along, have some cake (which will be free), have a drink (which won't be) and enjoy the art.

If you're thinking of coming, I suggest signing up to the facebook event page, so I know who''ll be there .

And here's a few photographs of the show and the opening:

Soup Kitchen Exhibition Launch

Soup Kitchen Exhibition Launch

Soup Kitchen Exhibition Launch

Soup Kitchen Exhibition Launch

PLUS There's a review of the night up on the Blank Media blog as well. Cheers Marcelle!


Purple Batty said...

I saw one of your colour of light exhibitions in colwyn bay somewhere. I remember the photo's hanging in the windows.

It looked really good and the art worked well with the colours of the room.

I hope your new exhibition goes well. best of luck!

Gareth Hacking said...

Hi Purple Batty,

Thanks foryour comment. It would have been hanging in the window of Speakers Corner back in January to March 2006. I'm not sure if it's still open nowadays though.


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